Capitec Bank Consolidation Loans for accounts in arrears

Capitec Bank consolidation loan can help you to settle and pay all account that are in arrears or loans that you can not pay due to the fact that you have too much debt to cover every month end. A Capitec Bank consolidation loans can help you make debt repayment easier, reduce your total monthly repayment, and maintain and protect your good credit profile. accounts in arrears is a perfect solution for people who have multiple personal loans.

How does Capitec Bank Consolidation Loan work

When you get the Capitec Bank Consolidation Loan you will have all your monthly repayment of loans and accounts that you owe into one instead of several individual ones and your total monthly repayment will be less, this will help you maintain a good credit profile and improve your credit score as you will never miss a payment.

For example lets say your have 3 different clothing account and you also have a car that you are paying off, so all of these account finish your money and then you have nothing to leave off and ending up having to borrow more money that will put you in more debt.

So that is why capitec bank has one solution to help you lower your monthly payments by providing and Capitec Bank Consolidation Loan. this is a single loan that will pay off all of your other loans, leaving you with one loan amount and payment every month.

What do you get with the Capitec Bank consolidation loan

  • You get a personalised loan of up to R250 000 payable for over 84 months
  • Affordable credit insurance on loans longer than 6 months

How to Apply

Capitec Bank Consolidation Loans

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