How does Boodle Instant Personal Loan work

When you require quick cash then Boodle Instant Personal Loan might be the answer to you cash problems, a Boodle Personal Loan starts from R100 to R4000 and this loan is payable between 2 days and 44 days, the days depends on you which days suits you better to repay back the entire loan.

How does Boodle Instant Personal Loan work

Applying for a Boodle Instant Personal Loan is easy all you have to do is to choose the amount that you want and then complete a simple online form the more accurate and specific your information, the better, then Boodle will run a credit check there and there against the information that you have supplied, please note that if your credit record is not good, this does not mean that you wont get your loan.

Boodle will offer you a loan that truly suit you as an individual base on your financial credit check, boodle strive not to put you in more debt that you wont be able to pay back.

If all is well with your application then Boodle with give you the loan that you have applied for directly into you bank account as simple as that.

How Instant is Boodle Personal Loan

The Boodle Personal Loan is supper instant you dont have to wait for the next day to get your money, you are notified instantly just after submitting your application that you do qualify or not, if you do they will send the money directly into your bank account.

Boodle Contact Details

If you have any concerned you can contact Boodle;
Phone: 0861 BOODLE (266 353)

Boodle Instant Personal Loan

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  • by zandile Posted April 28, 2021 8:38 am

    Will i need a payslip and bank statement

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