Apply for a Personal Loan through Standard Bank Banking app

If you have a Standard Bank Banking app you can apply for a personal loan and other credit such as Standard Bank over draft and Standard Bank revolving loan, The Standard Bank Banking app was design to give you entire Standard Bank features that you will get from the brunch in you hand, you can do more and also apply for personal loan.

What is Required to Apply for a Personal Loan through Standard Bank Banking app

There are several requirement that you must meet in order to apply for a personal loan through standard bank banking app, below is the list of what you must meet;

  • Firstly you need to be an existing Standard Bank customer
  • You must have been registered by Standard Bank to access the banking app
  • You need to have money coming into your account monthly
  • Your credit record must be in good terms

What other feature does the Standard Bank Banking app

With the Standard Bank Banking app you can do more from the comfort of your home, with the COVID – 19 pandemic striking the whole world doing things from home is the new normal and the Standard Bank Banking app enable you to do more from home instead of going to the bank.

Standard Bank is doing what ever it can to make sure that its customers get the best services and feature from the Standard Bank Banking app, bellow are some of the features that you can do or perform on the app.

  • Apply for a personal loan
  • Play the Lotto
  • View Card Pin
  • Reverse unauthorised debit orders under R200 for free
  • Request a payment
  • Open a MyMo account without any documents
  • Create a Virtual Card for any online or in-app purchases
  • Make local and international payments and transfers
  • Make immediate payments and send Instant Money
  • Buy SMS bundles
  • Buy data bundles
  • Buy airtime
  • Buy pre-paid electricity
  • Change your payment limits (EAP and ATM)
  • Pay once-off beneficiary
  • Stop lost or stolen cards, and order new ones
  • Get stamped statements, bank letters and tax certificates
  • Check your balances without signing in
  • Get pre-approval on car financing
  • Apply for a home loan
  • Manage your current car and home loans
  • Submit and track building insurance claims
  • Open savings and investment accounts
  • Link your accounts to your share trading profile
  • Enable your card to be used abroad

How to get the Standard Bank Banking app

Depending which phone or operating system your runs, you can just go to that operating system app store

Standard Bank Banking app

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